Property Locator

Hello, Let me introduce myself, my name is Courtney Watt. My status and position is a Property Locator. I’m not a real estate agent, or Broker. What I do is locate property owners for investor’s/cash buyers that are interested in buying properties that needs to be sold quickly.  If you are a property owner and  unexpected circumstances have came into your life and need to be remedy quickly: for example, if you have a vacant home that needs to be bought now, or a absentee owner of a property that you need to exit from. or in a Pre-Foreclosure situation? Is your home in probate? Maybe I can help you with this transition.

I have access to a nationwide data base of investors/cash buyers who are eager to buy properties with certain specifications of criteria.

Details of criteria:
1. Your property must not be listed on the (MLS), which stands for Multiple Listing Service.
2.You must not be connected to a Real Esate Agent.
3.Types of property of interest:
A. Single family Homes
B. Condo’s
C. Townhouses
D. Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex: Note will be looked at
E. Land- Special circumstances: not high priority. Must
be very special land with development.

The structure and built of the home must be brick or brick block.  Other building structure would be considered.  Age of the property must be 20 years or older. Square Footage: 900 to 1500 sq ft is the base standard.  But square footage could also vary. Three(3) bed rooms/ two(2) bath rooms or two(2) bed rooms/ one(1) bath. Price range: $50,000 to $200,000. The property must have equity and value. Important Note: special specification and the location of the property. These investor/cash buyers are looking for properties in blue collar or nice neighborhoods. They are not going to invest in a low end neighborhood. (For example: Where crime is most frequent.) Another very important note: The investor/cash buyers want to know if there is a loan balance on the property or is it free and clear. Also, they want to know if the property has major repairs that need attended to.

After reading this criteria, and if this appeals and really motivates you to sell, contact me so I can conduct a preliminary interview with you so we can be on the same page with your property. This contact also is for me to gather any other information and ask any other related questions. I want to make this clear, I do not have any say so over the purchase of a property, I just obtain the property information on a form and submit it the Nationwide Buyers List.

If your property attracts the interest of a buyer, that buyer will contact you personally, and you will have a one on one negotiation with a investor/cash buyer. As I mentioned before, one of the criteria is that the investor/cash buyer is only going to talk with the person that owns the property…no one else. I want to be up front and frank with you with this opportunity. I do not want to waste your time, just as you do not want to waste my time. If this is not for you, do not contact me. I wish you the best in selling your property.

Thank for your Time

Property Locator